ODIN provides turn-key solutions to educational institutions that will increase sales and productivity. Let Odin help your school save time and money with a solution that is right for any size school.

Odin Single Card Systems

The Odin Single Card System combines a traditional ID card with a debit card, and an access-control chip. With chips embedded in their ID cards, students (and faculty) can purchase items at the school store, snackbar, athletic department, and at student activities without having to use cash. And, because no "charge slips" are needed, your job becomes much, much easier. Student spending can be monitored and spending limits can be set (by parents) for different spending areas.

With this system, schools benefit in so many ways. Here are a few:

  • Reduced receivables and fewer bad debts. Because money is paid up-front, receivables are reduced, money can be earned on the "float," and there are fewer bad debts. Many of our schools have more than paid for our systems with the money they have saved! And, because the incidentals are pre-paid, there are fewer billing headaches.
  • No more hassle! With our debit card systems, charge slips are a thing of the past. No more keying them in, and no more boxes of paper slips that need to be handled. This saves labor—not to mention sanity. Odin systems provide a high-tech solution that is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.
  • Increased Revenue. While many of our schools expected to decrease costs, some are pleasantly surprised to also realize an increase in revenues. When fast transaction processing is important—for instance, in the snackbar between classes, or in the bookstore at the beginning of the session—the speed of Odin systems will increase throughput. Fewer "walkaways" mean more revenue.
  • Flexible Reporting. All of our systems provide excellent reporting functions for keeping track of a multitude of factors. Reports can be customized to allow you to get the most out of the information you have—you decide how you want to view your data.

Odin's Imaging Program:

The chore of processing images has been made easier with Odin’s Imaging software. This program allows you to process and manipulate photo images used to make Photo IDs and Facebooks. First, the Imaging Program helps you to convert the image formats into a usable form. Then, it walks you through processing and associating the images to certain files and directories. With the Image Editor, you can become an artist. Pictures can be "touched up" by changing the brightness, contrast, blur, hue, and other factors to yield the best possible images. Images also can be rotated, cropped, and resized to get them to fit your application perfectly. The Facebook utility allows you to generate a facebook from your set of images. Similarly, the Photo ID Printing utility lets you print out ID cards—one at a time, or a selected subset based on criteria you choose.

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